Poland – Covid-19 – Immigration update

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Update : April 24th, 2020

Government expands extension of stay to include additional categories

What is the change?

The government has added several additional categories of stay to the extension measures for foreign nationals unable to leave Poland.

Key Points

  • The following will be automatically extended:
    • All Schengen visas.
    • Residence documents issued by another Schengen country.
    • Visa-waiver stays.

The government implemented the initial extension of stay earlier this month to ease compliance requirements for foreign nationals affected by lockdown measures and travel restrictions. The initial extension provided for the automatic extension of residence permits, national type D visas, work permits types A-E, intention-to-hire statements and seasonal work permits. Polish government has decided to automatically extend all short-term immigration documents and visa-waiver, which allows for total period of 90 days within each 180 days period within whole Schengen area regardless of purpose of staying in Poland.

The expanded extension policy is good news for employers, as it will ease immigration compliance for affected employees.

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